Product Review: Kurgo Cargo Cape

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Product Review: Kurgo Cargo Cape

Product: Cargo Cape

Who makes it: Kurgo

What it is: A waterproof, stain resistant cover for your SUV or hatchback or station wagon cargo space.

What we think of it: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  We love it! (Willow-tested | Willow-approved)

When your hikes, camping trips and beach days are incomplete unless you have a dog with you; chances are, your car will often show signs of it: sand, mud, sea water, scratches, dirt and of course, all the fur… Not to mention any uninvited critters, such as ticks!

Now, most of us dog folks, especially us “adventure dog” folks know that it comes with the territory. We choose our vehicles to support our lifestyle, and dogs are a key part of that lifestyle.

Enter Kurgo’s Cargo Cape. Kurgo has long been renowned for making products that allow people and their dogs to go together everywhere, and with functionality in mind, this cargo cape  does not disappoint. In fact, I now wonder what I ever did without it!

The Cargo Cape has a bumper flap with waterproof material with a good grip (Waterproof Rufftex™). This has come in so handy to protect the bumper from paws and claws jumping in and out of the car, and in more recent years, with Corbin (our 12 year-old Lab) getting older and needing more help getting in, it offers him a comfortable, non-slip surface.

I love companies that design not just for the dogs, or the people, but for the lifestyle. Kurgo designed this cargo cape with with all three in mind. It has a unversal fit (52” wide and 62” long) and features piped edges to protect the carpeting. Two mesh pockets come in handy to store leashes, poop bags or anything else you may need on your daily adventures. The split zipper makes it easy to keep the cape in place regardless of your back seats being folded down or up.

If all that weren’t enough, the cover is easy to care for. I’ve just hosed it down when super muddy, or shaken it out when sandy or full of dry dirt. It is machine-washable, hang it up to dry and get right back to adventuring with your favorite hound.

It comes in two down-to-earth colors, making it easy to match and look good in any car. I love the charcoal one, since we have to black dogs 🙂

Go together, and go in style, keeping your ride clean.


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