Leash Laws and The Environment

As nature enthusiasts and supporters of conservation and protection efforts of our wild places, we make sure to hike responsibly and tread lightly, leaving no trace behind. We respect leash laws in hopes that being responsible with our dogs will allow us to go more places together. I am deeply saddened by laws that prohibit dogs from access to some of the best places to hike, but I understand why they do it. However, I believe there is a way to protect these wild places and enjoy them responsibly and this open letter by the folks at Dog Trekker is exactly what I mean.

By being respectful of existing leash laws and keeping our footprint light on the trail, I hope to prove it can be done and inspire this same responsibility in others.

Dogs like my current hiking buddy, Willow (a shepherd/husky/wolf?? mix), need these places to exercise and play in; confining us to dog parks and downtown walks just won’t cut it. It is Willow who inspired this project, and it is for her and others like her that I am eager to log these miles, in hopes dog owners will see the benefits not only to themselves, but to their dogs as well.