365 Dog Hikes Stickers

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365 Dog Hikes Stickers

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They are here and they are durable, weatherproof and beautiful! Sport one of our 365 Dog Hikes stickers on your car, water bottle or favorite Field Notes book. Come hike with us, and I’ll give you one as a Thank You for sharing your favorite trail.

This little sticker is the first of a line of 365 Dog Hikes branded products I am dreaming up. When I created this logo for my project, I wanted it to of course reflect my muse (Willow) but also have it be something everyone could relate to, and a badge you can wear to show your passion for enjoying the great outdoors with your dog, year-round.

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Purchasing a sticker will also help fund my project, allowing me to travel a little further to cover more hiking spots to share with you, helping out with travel and park entrances and fees associated with getting prints made for those of you who share your trails with us.

Plus… if you have ever purchased something from our brand new Mercantile at The Labs & Co., you’ll know I love to throw surprises in there. It’s just my thing. So come on over to the shop, and when you get your sticker, please share a photo of them and (if you share on Instagram), tag us @thelabsand.co #365doghikes we’d love to see our stickers out in the wild!

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