Product Review: The Honest Kitchen Winter Warmers

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Product Review: The Honest Kitchen Winter Warmers

Product: Winter Warmers

Who makes it: The Honest Kitchen

What it is: An easy-to-make dehydrated broth for your dog.

What we think of it: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ We love it! (Willow-tested | Willow-approved)

I recently switched my dogs and cats to a more varied diet of home-cooking, some kibble and replaced at least one meal with The Honest Kitchen. It is so nice to find a food that does all the heavy lifting in terms of sourcing wholesome local ingredients and creating a healthy and balanced diet with everything dogs need and love, as if it came straight from your own kitchen. The Honest Kitchen is basically people-grade food that caters to dogs and cats. Our pups and kittens truly enjoy and are thriving on the food and home-cooked meals recommended in their nifty recipe book. So, when I heard they had developed a seasonal beverage treat, I jumped at the opportunity of trying it out.

The Winter Warmer broths come (or came, it looks as though they are out of stock, but hopefully, they will bring them back with enough demand from happy customers) in a set of three: Chicken Consommé, Beef & Bone Broth & Turkey Stock.


Each broth comes in a powder form that need only be rehydrated and blended with hot water. Great for dogs and cats alike, it is a great wintertime treat, described as perfect for chilly days, post-hike hydration, after playing in the snow, or any winter morning (or evening). It can be served by itself or added as a little something extra to your dog’s regular food. Our dogs loved it served any way, our cats preferred it as part of their breakfast or dinner.
With ingredients like chard, parsley, pumpkin, shiitake mushroom, dehydrated goat’s milk and dehydrated chicken, beef or turkey; these broths are a nutritional powerhouse.

To make the broth, I used a regular mug filled with hot water and added the recommended amount of powdered broth. I whisked it in with a fork and let it cool before serving to my dogs. To test whether it was a good temperature to serve, I stick my finger in the mug for 7 seconds. Willow preferred it warm, but one of my cats preferred it lukewarm instead. Please remember dogs and cats have very sensitive tongues, so don’t skip this step.


It is normal for the contents to separate once blended with the liquid, think of it a little bit like loose leaf tea, where the leaves will float to the top. Just give it another whisk before serving.

During winter, our hikes do tend to be a little colder, even though we stay warm by moving, we are normally cooled down (if not a little chilly) by the time we get back to the car. These broths have been amazing to give to Willow when we get home, after she’s been running in the cold, wet environment. It not only keeps her hydrated, but it eases her into a lovely post-workout snooze.

The broths have also benefitted our senior dog Corbin (a 10 year old Lab) with an extra dose of vitamins, minerals and supplements, not to mention keeping him limber and warm during these cold winter months, easing his arthritis from the inside out.


So, there you have it. If you would like to try these broths out for yourself, please help me in asking The Honest Kitchen to bring them back and keep making them! If you want to try something similar, The Honest Kitchen does have other products that are definitely worth a try.

Willow, our official Chief of Dog Product Testing gives her approval wholeheartedly.

**Please note, we were not paid to write this review and The Honest Kitchen did not provide product for us to test. We have no affiliation to them other than happy, loyal customers.

Do you have a product for dogs or people you would like us to test/review? We’d be happy to! Get in touch and tell us about your company.

Until next time, fellow Dog Hikers!
Nat + Willow

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