Hikers: Jaymi and Nat (humans) | Niner and Willow (dogs)

Start Time: 6:30 am at Fort Cronkhite and Rodeo Beach parking lot.

The Marin Headlands are part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area. This 12,000-acre peninsula is located at the southernmost end of Marin County,  just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. It is famous for its beautiful views and breathtaking cliffside. It is also home to diverse forms of wildlife and historic military sites.

Leash Laws: Dogs are currently only permitted in three areas of the park (Coastal Trail to Wolf Ridge TrailLoop Trail from Coastal, to Battery Townsley, and Wolf Ridge Loop to Miwok Trail). Be careful not to stray outside these areas, or you will get a hefty ticket. Well-behaved dogs under strict, reliable voice control can be off-leash. For more information on where dogs are welcome, stop by the visitor center and pick up a map. To stay up to date on the status of dogs and the GGNRA, please go HERE.

Trail Difficulty: This park is welcoming to most levels of hiking, and it is a popular place for active families. Beware of rapidly changing weather patterns, wind and thick fog are common, especially in summer. Bring layers and make sure your dog is well protected against the hard terrain and elements. Good recall is crucial here! There are cliffs near the trail, so please be safe out there.

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