Hikers: Jesse and Nat (humans) | Pancake and Willow (dogs)

Start Time: 7:30 am at Clyde Woolridge staging area entrance on the left near the intersection of Skyline Blvd and Grass Valley Road.

Anthony Chabot Regional Park is a beautiful 3,314-acre varied parkland with year-round public campgrounds, a marksmanship range, and 70 miles of hiking and riding trails to enjoy. Hiking trails through grasslands, chaparral, and shady eucalyptus groves for a constantly changing landscape or hike along the shores of Lake Chabot. If you take our trail pictured here (Goldenrod), you will come across an equestrian center, so make sure your dogs don’t bug the horses.

Leash Laws: Dogs are permitted on most trails and can be off leash but under reliable voice control and good trail manners on most trails. Please keep your dogs leashed on parking lots and traffic prone areas. Exceptions and additional information on leash laws can be found HERE.

Trail Difficulty: This park is welcoming to all levels of hiking, from beginners (easy to moderate) to experienced looking for a challenge. Our trail had a couple of hills, through shaded narrow paths but not too strenuous.

Other information: The park opens between 5:00am and 10:00pm. There is no parking fee and a few ways to access the park, (see To Reach the Park on link) we entered through the Clyde Woolridge staging area. Though I did not see this on the trail, the park’s website does mention a dog fee, but I didn’t see where it was collected. From the park’s page: “$2 per dog. No fee charged for guide/service dogs.”

Hike Resources

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Images & Map My Hike/FitBit Screenshots

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  • _PLB5884
  • _PLB5891
  • _PLB5900
  • _PLB5913
  • _PLB5917
  • _PLB5922
  • _PLB5925
  • _PLB5926
  • _PLB5929
  • _PLB5936
  • _PLB5943
  • _PLB5948
  • _PLB5953
  • _PLB5955
  • _PLB5961
  • _PLB5965
  • _PLB5971
  • _PLB5980
  • _PLB5982
  • _PLB5984
  • _PLB5990
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